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Terran v1.0.20160330.23

Heathen’s Terran is 1 month old and player feedback has lead to some great improvements - a new ITS UI layout, new Ship Editor Tools and features and an improved combat HUD, not to mention the slew of bug fixes.

Available: April 21 2016 on Beta & Default

Engine Version: Unity 3D 5.3.4f1


  • Most fields have tooltips, hover your mouse over a field 1.25 seconds.
    Configurable values for tooltip delay are on the list ;)
  • You can scroll panels by clicking and dragging them e.g. similar to touch controls.
  • Your ship will face the direction of the camera by default … tap V or the middle mouse button to disable this.
    You can also use WASD for turning and pitch as well as Q and E for left right and R and F for up and down.
    The best pilots make use of all of the above.
    Try counter turning (turn in the opposite direction) when making a hard turn for faster breaking as your ship lines up.
  • Full speed is not the only speed. Turrets must track their targets and at closer ranges high speed movement can make this difficult, slow down when attacking near targets for more accurate shots.
  • You can set your launch option to “-show-screen-selector” (without the quotes) to force the launcher to display.
    The launcher lets you set the resolution and window mode and if applicable which monitor it will render to.


This build introduces a number of UI changes in particular with regards to the Ship Editor and its related functions.
Changes and Additions

Changes and Additions
  • A new transform tool has been introduced to simplify and speed up part positioning and rotation.
  • The ‘Components’ menu has been re-worked as a tab page more in-line with other UI elements.
  • The new Parts tab organizes your parts into Hull, Weapon and Misc categories and further groups each list by relevant factors such as Class.
  • The new Templates tab allows you to quickly view your saved design templates as well as standard templates. The Template tab group has also adopted the Save template button formerly located in the left hand panel.
  • Placeholders have been put in place for upcoming features - these should be clearly marked with ‘Coming Soon’ where applicable.
  • A new Beam type weapon has been added and can be found under the M Mount group in the Weapons tab of the Parts group.
  • Ship part attributes and category calculations have been adjusted and re-balanced to produce more predictable results as well as to resolve a number of bugs such as over powered torque, excessive mount point counts and over powered shield recharge rates.
    More details will be revealed regarding the calculations as the system matures. You will find this detailed on the the Gameplay section of the You Are Terran web page along with other important aspects of Terran as they are finalized.
Known Issues
  • Linux 32-bit builds are presenting memory use issues - this build target is not an advertised feature of the game and may be postponed if there is insufficient game demand for the feature. This will not adversely impact the Linux 64-bit build target cycle.
  • Linux 64 bit builds are presenting a graphics device initialization issue as noted in the previous patch. Heathen has added additional Linux resources to the team’s available resource pool to speed resolution of this issue.
  • Loading hang occurs on some machines - some users will experience a temporary hang as the game loads, this is most common on the first run since reboot or after updating from a patch. The cause of the issue is the load sequence of the asset bundles and will be addressed in later patches.
  • Recent UI changes have affected the layout for VR presentation modes - some headsets may clip the combat HUD edges (horizontally). As UI changes are finalized the system responsible for UI adjustments for the VR presentation mode will also be updated to correct these issues.
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