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Heathen Engineering’s Terran Early Access has been planned out in three distinct ‘Phases’. Updates will occur frequently throughout the Early Access process but in particular the transition from one Phase to the next will come with a major update and new vids, screens and info.


So why confuse the hell out of people with Phases?


Each phase has its focus, this lets us group the focus areas into batches and makes it easier to announce and prep the community for planned major updates while also helping to set the expectation of each iteration. We wouldn’t want you to be “into the game”, jump into Early Access too early and not meet your expectations. We want you to know where the game is, where it should be soon and be able to know when the game is right for you.

Phase I (starting March 21 2016)

'Phase I' is the initial Early Access phase. The game will be available for purchase via Steam and Greenman Gaming. Early Access is only recommended for those interested in supporting the ongoing development of Heathen Engineering's Terran. For full terms please review the Early Access section of the Heathen Engineering's Terran Steam Store page.


The first phase of the Early Access will focus on the ship editor, space flight, and combat aspects of the game. Other areas of the game will be undergoing development and patches but will not be a focus of external testing e.g. what we want you the gamer to really work over.


Player progression factors have been ‘bypassed’ for the Phase I builds, this allows you to build ships regardless of in game currency, tech level and other ‘normal rules’ … basically a free build mode. The ship editor includes a set of ‘test flight’ simulations where you can try out your ship designs. During Phase I these options will be tailored to focus on areas the dev team needs test. The catalogue of ship parts available to build with will also be manipulated by the development team over the course of the Phase, again this is to allow the development team to focus testing on problem areas.


Two builds will be maintained, the ‘regular’ or ‘main’ build updating less frequently but presenting a (at least theoretically) more stable experience and the ‘beta’ build receiving more frequently but potentially less stable experience. You can opt into the ‘beta’ build via the properties dialog in your Steam library.


Phase I does not have a fixed end date and will run until the ship editor (ship building), ship flight mechanics and combat mechanics meets Heathen’s goals. The Terran ‘Roadmap’ is the preferred channel for the latest ‘unfiltered’ state and forecast of the project and its development efforts. In addition to Steam announcements, forums and other community features Heathen Engineering support and social networks are there for you to use. The Heathen team truly wants to engage you the gamer and produce the best game possible.  

Focus Areas
  • Ship Editor
    Design build and test ships in simulated events. Particular focus will shift through the various ship categories, weapon configurations, instrumentation and other factors of ship design and function.

  • Space Flight Mechanics
    Pilot your ship in real time in large scale dynamic environments. Flight mechanics and the environments themselves are physically simulated. Particular focus will shift through the various types of environments that will be encountered in the final game.

  • Combat Mechanics
    Pilot AI, real time tactics and strategy, weapon systems and ship component viability and balance. Particular focus will shift between weapon systems, AI tactics and environmental influences.

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