Shader Requests

Heathen wants to hear from you; sound off and let us know what shaders you would like to see.

Heathen's Shader Collection currently includes or is in development of the following:

Selective Glow
Per-object glow with glow tint and map control per object. Includes common variations and combinations there of.

  • Defuse
  • Bumped
  • Specular
  • Parallax
  • Cut-out
  • Transparent
  • Tri-Planar
  • Toon (proposed)

Essentials (In Development)
A collection of common use shaders oddly missing from the stock assets available in Unity 3D

Tri-Planar (In Development)
Maps UVs on render to prevent stretch due to scale of the object. current version support 3 textures and is available in all Heathen variations. A proposed improvement is the inclusion of 4 and 5 texture advanced options for Tri-planar shaders that differ Top and Bottom textures and one that offers a 2 texture layered approach of the "top" or Y+ texture for improved control over transition between X/Z and Y

Occluded Render (In Development)
Renders the occluded parts of the mesh with a chosen RGBA value; Heathen's implementation handles composite objects nicely i.e. objects comprised of multiple meshes and is available in all Heathen variations.
This shader will include several variations for various effects on the occluded render

Toon (proposed)
Renders lines at the edges the mesh simulating a hand drawn or "cartoon" like effect. line color and weight will be configurable and is available in all Heathen variations

Wireframe (proposed)
Renders the object as a wireframe with configurable edge, vert and face colors

Mirror (proposed)
Renders a configurable reflective surface and will be available in different modes such as cube mapped, translucent, basic, advanced ... where basic seeks to simulate with as low a cost as possible and advanced seeks to provide the highest level of configurable control as possible and may require Unity Pro

Outlined (proposed)
Draws an outline with configurable levels of detail around the mesh with configurable edge color and weight for occluded and non-occluded and is available in all Heathen variations. This could be used for an occluded render or simply as a mouse over or "selected/targeted" indicator

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