Enabling Heathen Selective Glow on Custom Shaders

Enabling Heathen's Selective Glow on your own custom shaders is an easy task for most shaders. The heavy lifting for Heathen's Selective Glow occurs on the image effect so we really only to store the parameters it expects on the material shader and provide a glow map and color to use for tinting and placement of the glow.


Start by adding the following shader parameters.

_GlowColor ("Glow Color", Color) = (1,1,1,1)
_Inner ("Inner Intensity", Range(0.1,10)) = 2.0
_Outter ("Outter Intensity", Range(0.1,10)) = 2.0
_GlowMap ("Glow (A)", 2D) = "white" {}

Finally set the shaders Tags such that it has entry like so:

Tags { "RenderType"="SelectiveGlow" }


Note Heathen's Selective Glow supports 3 render types; any of which are valid

SelectiveGlow: used for opaque textures

TransparentGlow: used for transparent and simi-transparent shaders such as cutout

TriplanarGlow: an experimental type using a common per object UV mapping used in Triplanar shadars

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