FAQ (Selective Glow)

  • Does this require Unity Pro?
    Yes; at current Unity 3D requires the Pro edition of the engine in order to use image effects. Heathen's Selective Glow uses an Image Effect and shader swapping to apply the glow effect to the final render.

  • How do I do a multi-color glow?
    You can control the color of your glow with one of 2 methods
    - Glow Color: this work like a color tint over the final blur
    - Glow Map: the RGB of this texture will be used to render the glow while the A will be used to control base intensity; this is what you would use to render multiple colors and patterns on the glow and is per-texture

  • Can I add a glow to my own shaders?
    a detailed write is available here or for a quick summary see the following

    all you need to do is add 2 parameters to the shader
    _GlowMap ("Glow (A)", 2D) = "white" {}
    _GlowColor ("Glow Color", Color) = (1,1,1,1)

    Optionally you can also add
    _Inner ("Inner Intensity", Range(0.1,10)) = 2.0
    _Outter ("Outter Intensity", Range(0.1,10)) = 2.0
    If not provided they will default to a power of 2.0

    finally you will want to set the RenderType tag to one of the following; this is what tells the image effect which objects to apply glow and in what manner.
    This is the standard glow for opaque textures
    This accounts for transparency
    This uses a common per object tri-planar for UV mapping

    Note you don't need to perform any actions on the material shader its self; the glow is rendered as a screen effect; the above simply provide the per-object inputs needed.

  • On Mobile the demo scene renders pink or doesn't glow how can I fix it?
    With regard to the glow not working make sure the Selective Glow image effect is active; it will turn its self off when you switch render targets this is an intended behavior meant as a safety and is caused by feature checks that run on start and set the component inactive if there are any issues. It is safe to turn it back on once all assets have been imported to the new target.

    As to the pink you see this is most likely due to incompatible materials in your scene; in the case of the _Demo assets several materials are used that require shader model 3 in particular the Tri-Planar shader is model 3 dependent and has no logical fallback as such it will render the default pink; as its used on the walls you will very likely see a whole lot of pink should you try and run tri-planar glow materials under model 2.

    To fix the issue make sure you are using supported shaders and the mobile variants are recommended. Also for some platforms in particular iOS make sure the 'Fast blur' option is checked on the Image Effect.

  • iPhone 4 renders pink but works in editor whats up?
    This is due to limitations on iPhone 4 not present on 5; Selective Glow does support this though you may need to make a minor edit to the Composite shader located in the Glow folder; simply comment out the #pragma exclude_renderers gles line located about line 15 of the file. We will adjust this in a future update as its an unnecessary call.
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